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Hi there. I'm Jada. In a past life, I worked as an international air hostess. As you can imagine, I had the opportunity to shop for fashion and beauty products in some of the world's great style capitals. Since coming back down to earth, I have become an avid reader of fashion magazines in order to stay up-to-the-minute with my clothing and makeup choices. I truly believe that fashion and beauty empower us and make us feel confident. I keep this blog in order to impart any little pointers I come across. My dearest wish is that you find it useful and my suggestions can keep you glowing from head to toe. Please rest a while and enjoy.


How to Get More Wedding Bookings at Your Hairdressing Salon

23 August 2018
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

One of the most coveted types of customers in the hairdressing industry is the bride. Brides are often willing to spend a lot of money to have gorgeous locks on their special day, and what's better is that they'll often bring their whole party of bridesmaids with them too. Of course, since they'll be spending a lot of money, bridal parties are often very picky about which salon they choose to have their hair done at. Read More …

How To Choose Skin Care Products If You Have Sensitive Skin Or Allergies

20 August 2018
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

Many people suffer from allergies or sensitivities when using skin care products, making them feel that they can't develop a full skincare regime. However, as explained below, by researching skin care manufacturers and gathering as much information as possible, even people with allergies and sensitivities can have a great skincare routine and can find products to suit them.  Research Different Skin Care Manufacturers  If you have allergies and skin sensitivities, you already know that some manufacturers try to cater to your needs and some don't. Read More …

Why There’s So Much More to Learn at Beauty School

20 July 2018
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

If you love the idea of making people look their best and putting a smile on their face, then you may be cut out for a career as a beautician. You may love experimenting on your own appearance to improve your overall look and feel that you would like to have a much deeper appreciation of the skills, processes and materials involved. Without a doubt, the best way to kick off your career in this way is by enrolling in a beauty school, but this is more than just a place to learn the basics as there is far more involved. Read More …