How to Get More Wedding Bookings at Your Hairdressing Salon

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How to Get More Wedding Bookings at Your Hairdressing Salon

23 August 2018
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One of the most coveted types of customers in the hairdressing industry is the bride. Brides are often willing to spend a lot of money to have gorgeous locks on their special day, and what's better is that they'll often bring their whole party of bridesmaids with them too. Of course, since they'll be spending a lot of money, bridal parties are often very picky about which salon they choose to have their hair done at. If you want to be in with a chance of being their pick, here are three ways you can attract more wedding bookings.

Buy Premium Hairdressing Supplies

When it comes to making your salon attractive to brides, the first thing you need to do is stock some premium hairdressing supplies. To most customers, the overall experience of a haircut or style is secondary to the service itself. For brides, however, it's just as important. Brides want their wedding day to be something to remember from start to finish, so most will flock to salons that can offer them a sense of luxury. To fulfil this expectation, you'll need high-quality supplies. For example, plush, heavyweight towels and soft, stylish hairdressing gowns (such as kimono-style robes) help make bridal parties feel comfortable and pampered while prepping for the ceremony. Since looking great at a wedding is crucial, make sure you buy premium hair care products too.

Create an Attractive Package

Another way to secure more wedding bookings is to create a package specifically for brides and bridesmaids. Given how expensive weddings are, all brides will be looking to cut costs. Offering a deal for bridal parties or a discount for solo brides booking multiple treatments is a great way to give customers that final push to choose your salon. The best wedding hairdressing packages also include extras that make the day special, such as a complimentary glass of champagne, a free mini-hamper for the bride or even just a quick, free bonus service like eyebrow threading.

Market Where Brides Will See You

One reason many hairdressing salons find it difficult to attract bridal parties is that they're not marketing their business where brides are looking. While typical customers may choose a salon because they passed it on the street or saw a flyer in a convenience shop window, brides often choose a salon they've seen while browsing for other wedding essentials. Thankfully, there are many places you can market your salon to brides, with options to suit every budget. If you have little to spend, why not try a marketing 'exchange' with another wedding-focused business like a florist—you advertise their business to your customers in exchange for them doing the same for you. For bigger budgets, there are few places better than a stall at a wedding expo. If you have a lot of money to spend, another great way to market is to target online ads at women who are engaged.