How To Choose Skin Care Products If You Have Sensitive Skin Or Allergies

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How To Choose Skin Care Products If You Have Sensitive Skin Or Allergies

20 August 2018
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Many people suffer from allergies or sensitivities when using skin care products, making them feel that they can't develop a full skincare regime. However, as explained below, by researching skin care manufacturers and gathering as much information as possible, even people with allergies and sensitivities can have a great skincare routine and can find products to suit them. 

Research Different Skin Care Manufacturers 

If you have allergies and skin sensitivities, you already know that some manufacturers try to cater to your needs and some don't. Spend some time searching online for reviews of products, and if possible, speak to other people with your allergy or skin condition to find out what works for them. You might also want to try natural skin care if that is something you haven't tried before. Global Healing Centre explains that natural, organic skin care will give you healthy, robust skin, as well as containing fewer allergens and irritants than non-natural skin care. Spend some time researching, sample things in shops, and find out as much as possible about what skin care manufacturers believe about sensitive skin.   

Learn How To Read Product Labels

When most people look at the label of a skincare product, they do not understand the extensive list of ingredients they are presented with. However, if you have sensitive skin, there are a few ingredients you should be looking out for – ones that often cause allergic reactions, or that often affect people's skin. You might have heard of common allergens like sodium laureth sulfate, but as WebMD explains, there are others you should look out for, like phenoxyethanol and methylchloroisothiazolinone. If you know that you have a specific allergy, find out what the allergen is called on product labels, and if it has any alternative names you should look out for. 

Ask Your GP For Help

Asking your GP for help with skincare allergies may seem strange, but it's a good idea – especially if you aren't sure exactly what you're allergic to. As the NHS explains, there is a range of tests that your GP can do to find out what allergies you suffer from, from simple skin prick tests to blood tests. Finding out exactly what your sensitivities are is a good step towards being able to avoid them, and to choose skin care products that suit your individual needs.

While having skincare allergies and sensitivities can be difficult and can feel limiting, it's possible to find great, natural skincare products that you can use without worry. Spend some time researching your allergies and researching different manufacturers, and you will be able to make an informed and healthy decision.